Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carrot v Radish Round 2: The Battle For Root Vegetable Supremacy Rages On

Have you  missed any of the action or just want a refresher? 
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A few weeks ago Matt and I amended two beds which were seeded with carrots and radishes.  We have been documenting their growth and watching as these two root brothers battle it out.   

Well as you can see in the picture above, the carrot bed has taken a real hit this week.  I'm not accusing the radishes, mainly because they are vegetables and rarely wear shoes, but competition makes people (and apparently plants) do crazy things.  All I'm saying a little class radish and maybe just a pinch of integrity.
Nevertheless, the carrot seeds have shown resilience and managed to begin germinating.  Yes, these tiny V-shaped beauties will one day grow to be very sexy carrots.   
This is very exciting since it has been about three weeks and the radishes have been plowing ahead and look gorgeous by the way.
We're really proud of these little red guys.  They still don't look very radishy, but you can see the radish leaves starting to grow too.  Not the heart-shaped ones (cotyledons), but the more wrinkled oval ones.

It's amazing to watch how two vegetables can go through such different growing processes.

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