Wednesday, March 31, 2010

D'Avignon: She's French, Long, Slender and Spicy!


Damn! She looks good.

This week our minds were blown when we tried this delicious, sexy looking radish.  Yes, radish, from the South of France, but still from the same family as the others we have enjoyed, Raphanus Sativus.  D'Avignon is a dicot, which means that she has two embryonic leaves or cotyledons.
D'Avignon takes a little over a month to grow to this size.  Our sampling was planted on February 13.

A root vegetable; you can see the red start bursting out of the ground after a few weeks.  This means you can pluck and taste them.

Just like the other radishes, you can eat the entire plant.

The texture is the same, but the flavor is different and interesting.  At first bite, you get a refreshing cucumbery feel, but after a few seconds, the spice really kicks in...quite delicious.  I highly recommend giving one of these a chance.

It has been truly amazing discovering all these various vegetables we had never known or simply had never cared to know before.  Once the learning begins, it's hard to stop especially when we are lucky enough to have a group of farmers willing to share their extensive knowledge.  The journey continues, enjoy...


  1. Love your blog... late to find this article but truely impressed by your dedication to farma karma and overall wit. I like to think of D'avignon as French Breakfast that is all grown up.