Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making Your Bed Can Be Fun

Earlier this month Matt and I learned how to amend a soil bed (relive this magical moment by clicking here).  
Well we recently discovered that our lucky beds were seeded with carrots and radishes of course.  Here you can see our progress.

Carrots take a much longer time to grow...not much going on now, but you know their plotting something down there.
Radishes, on the other hand, get right down to business.  In just two weeks, these guys start flying through the sky, well sort of.

Yes radishes grow underground, but the little cotyledons or first seed leaves grow upwards.  It's kind of like a periscope for the radish to test what's going on above ground while it starts to grow down below.

Stay tuned as the battle continues for root vegetable dominance.  We will keep you updated until we finally get the honor of pulling these bad-boys from the ground and devouring their deliciousness.


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