Saturday, August 3, 2013

High Tunnels, Row Cover and Open Field: Eso-Cuc Grant study to find solutions to address farmer needs


  No two farms are the same and over the last few years I have observed a wide variety of growing techniques used by various farmers to overcome the environmental and economic challenges they face. One of the more interesting and delicious crops causing trouble for farmers are from the cucurbit family.  Cucurbits include cucumbers, squash, melon to name a few.  With each conversation,  I learn about a different growing system and methodology.  Here at Cornell, we are working on the ESO-Cuc grant, focused on improving cucurbit varieties and growing practices in the eastern United States where farmers are facing heavy pressure from diseases and pests.  The teams, located throughout the eastern region, surveyed farmers from various locations learning the biggest concerns and challenges.  At this stage, we are working to determine the most effective growing strategies, as well as breeding improved and new varieties of cucurbit crops, ones more conducive to farming practices and the climate trends in these areas of the United States.  
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