Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Way is Long, But The Road is Foggy


Interestingly enough, 1 year to the date of starting Have You Ever Picked A Carrot?, I received a  message from Google explaining that we've reached our capacity for free picture storage on Blogger.  It felt good to reflect on the 1 GB of pictures uploaded on the website and the multiple GB of pictures I have stored in total.  It was all fun and games until they asked for my credit card number.  It's been an...

educational and explorational year to say the least, dating back to that faithful Saturday morning in November '09 when the Greenwich Farmers' Market just happened to be closed for the year a week earlier than we expected.  From there, a few left turns and a few (many) questions turned into more than we ever imagined.  It's been a long ride since we picked our first radishes and our first post went up last February.  A lot of growth in many ways and not just for the carrots, radishes, mushrooms and squash.  A good captain once said, "the road is foggy" and ain't that the truth.  The beauty of the fog is that even though it can be frustrating at times, it does slow us down and make us more aware of the importance of the few steps ahead.  Sometimes it's hard not being at the top of the mountain, but then again, what fun would it be at the top if you didn't get to climb up to get there?  It might be tough to see where we're going through all this fog, but one thing's for sure, we can't get there by standing still.

So what better way to celebrate one year of farming than by displaying such a ridiculous and unique vegetable I came across at the Union Square Farmers Market.  With the name of a fruit and taste of a cauliflower, how could you not try it?  I had it raw, so I can't vouch for its caulifloweriness, good crisp, sweet taste though, not quite spicy like the other radishes we've experienced.

The outside kind of looks like a coconut and a turnip made sweet sweet intervegefruit love, no?

I've seen them much smaller as well, but from what I understand these are from later in the season i.e. February so they have had more time to grow.  The Watermelon radish is planted in late spring and early fall.


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