Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pig of the Week


Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  It's the age old story, boar meets girl (sow), boar falls in love with sow (and her 3 friends of course), sow's boarfriend finds out...

the battle begins.  Ossabaw vs Berkshire.   

And it all started out so innocently, just a curious Berkshire boar (bright pink snout above) sniffing around, looking for some ladies when he found something he didn't expect; a new and unfamiliar boar in town, an Ossabaw (tan snout above).  Ossabaws are a more rugged, smaller, feral pigs from the islands off the eastern US coast near Georgia. Smaller yes, but scrappy nonetheless and being of a more wild breed, have adapted to survive the cold seasons.  Basically, these Ossabaw are no prima donas, but with their small stature could be easily underestimated.  Berkshires are old English pigs supposedly known as Britain's oldest pig breed. The Berkshire is a much bigger boar and all the sows on the property are Berkshires as well.

Just like a Saturday night out in city, this Berkshire pays no mind to the smaller spiky-haired Ossabaw on the left and swoops right in for a little nose to nose action.  The smooth-oinking Berkshire makes his move and as you can see below, the Ossabaw has had enough.

In a matter of seconds, these seemingly chilled out pigs went from this

to this.

Unfortunately, there are no action shots of the scuffle, but let it be known that the much larger, domesticated Berkshire was no match for the ruthless Ossabaw's speed and agility. Well just like all streetfights, this one ended with tractors and steel bars.

Like a drunk, defeated mess, we found the battered Berkshire wandering down an empty path reflecting on his loss.  Where did it all go wrong, he asks?


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