Monday, February 14, 2011

Market Research


With my first potluck dinner only a day away, it was time to get cooking and what better way to start then...

heading down to the Union Square Farmers Market.  I not only found a wide selection of seasonal foods, but more importantly, the opportunity to assault the kind farmers with questions regarding their farms and growing techniques.  Almost subconsciously, I've become more aware of my food buying decisions and what better way to get information than going directly to the source?

Or another good technique, reading the signs.

Before I was ready to settle down with one potato, I decided to find out which would be best for mashing.  After a thorough explanation of each variety and the mineral rich Catskill soil they were grown in, we decided it was best to go with the Red Norlands.  Not all potatoes are created equal, but it's hard to differentiate in a supermarket when no one seems to know anything about the produce outside of their isle number.

White flesh, sweet and creamy flavor?  Sounds good to me.

A few pounds later, the exchange was made.

I could have easily gone to the supermarket across the street from my apartment and picked up some of Idaho's industrially grown favorites, but why sacrifice quality for convenience, when delicious New York State potatoes, I've never tried before, were just waiting for me two express stops away on the 4 train?  I followed this great Celery Root Mashed Potato recipe I found and was on my way to my first potluck.  Quality shined as these Red Norland's provided good flavor and a smooth texture.  


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