Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Think We Need A Little Space


As discussed earlier in the week, our goal was to use the slower growing turnip roots to our advantage by inter-seeding 6 rows of the quicker growing and stunning Ruby Streaks mustard green.  In slightly over a month, as expected, both mustard varieties began to display their true leaves and we were ready to harvest and provide space to the mini turnips that were just getting underway.  Our beautiful plan was executed to perfection and in a matter of minutes we had harvested out the rows of deep purple whole plants leaving only strips of green and brown behind.  Not only was this a great way to get more growth from a potentially empty space, but...
the restaurant, Blue Hill, was more than happy to receive such a delicate and tender micro whole plant mustard.  Maximizing ecology and economy, we used the fussiness of these turnips to our advantage, from sprouts

to micros.  Once the true leaves of the turnips appear, it is a crucial time for thinning as this is the moment the turnip begins to determine how it will swell its root.  If they find a crowd, they can develop oddly shaped roots.  

These small sprouted mustards are sweet and delicious, packed with with vitamins and nutrients.

After thinning out all 6 rows of Ruby Streaks we came back through and thinned within the 6 rows of remaining turnips, about 3 fingers between plants.

This once multi-colored bed is primed for juicy baby turnips.


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