Sunday, August 7, 2011

Growtown Motown


The more I search, the more I find.  Last week I went down to Brooklyn for a screening of The Greenhorns, a film being shown around the country discussing the emergence of young farmers in America today.  A manifesto of sorts, the film looks to create awareness and empower the idea of change by exemplifying some of what is currently being done in the world of locally sourced food.  While there I met many people interested in food, farming and working on other projects of their own including...

Christian Schuller farmer/filmaker from Morristown, NJ.  As we shared our stories of coming to a place of awareness about farming and food, Christian handed me a copy of a documentary he recently completed on a community garden in his hometown of Morristown.  A short film, Growtown Motown illustrates the growing change in our country today and the newfound identity and unity we are creating as Americans through our land and food.  The characters are familiar, the town relatable yet the uniqueness of the story is in the individual undertstandings and care this town has for food and health.  Concerned about their own helath, about their kid's futures and the strength of the community.  There are no rolling hills and deep green pastures, instead Christian takes us to a gated, rundown vacant plot of land that was supposed to be used for a real estate project, but due to funding issues, is on hold.  The film helps illustrate what is slowly happening throughout the country.  Here is a cast of "average" characters, everyday American citizens, not scientists or professional farmers yet they grasp and understand that they are not only what they eat, but what they eat eats as well.  

Growing up I felt that the story was always, eat healthy period, but there seems to be a shift to making sure what you eat is eating healthy and growing in the best conditions possible.  When I started to look into farming, I felt that the only people willing to listen to a conversation about healthy food and good growing practices were those that were suffering in some way or romanticized the idea of farming.  But as I continue to dig deeper I realize that there is something more going on.  Enjoy the trailer below and for more info or to see a screening, check out the Growtown Motown website.


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