Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leftovers: There is No Waste, Only Potential


After a delicious first attempt at making celery root mashed potatoes, I found the perfect opportunity to expand on my experience.  Staring at what was shaping up to be a frigid Friday night in New York City, I knew I wanted something for dinner that was sufficient but not a whole night-ending ordeal (of course you have to leave some room for some fine fermented beverages).  It was also a perfect time to...

use some of those shiitake mushrooms we love to talk about so much.

This one is quick and easy, just chop up the mushrooms and place them in a pan on medium heat with a little oil or butter.  After about 3 or 4 minutes, add in the leftover celery root mashed potatoes and some cheese, if you'd like, and there you have it.  A whole meal made from yesterday's leftover side.  Delicious and I think this was even better than the mashed alone.

Here is where I learned that camera's have lenses and can fog up of you place them IN the pan.

Much better

Well it's a mishmash, but it tastes great and the shiitake mushrooms add a fantastic firm and silky texture that compliments the mushy mashed celery root and potato.

Enjoy the weekend, stay warm, eat well, feel good.


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