Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day At The Market: Red Barn Bakery and The Fennel Savory Tart


Well, in the search for all things fennel, I managed to stumble upon something unique, delicious and local, all right on the farm.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Stone Barns has a farmer's market with all the freshly harvested vegetables, herbs, tea leaves, flowers, meats and even some local baked goods from Red Barn Bakery.

Not only fresh but beautiful, just look at this colorful setup.

This is not your typical farmer's market, there are tons of specials, like these edible flowers which have just come into bloom. 

A great addition to any salad; although small, these little pedals add a ton of interesting flavors.

Here's where you really have to be careful, Randall Dodge owner and baker for Red Barn Bakery has a stand every weekend with some of the tastiest and original baked goods we've ever tried.

From freshly baked blueberry pies, that are still warm by the time to you get back to Manhattan, to savory tarts topped with local Nubian goat cheese and freshly harvested fennel; Randall exposes every ingredient's strongest flavors.

As promised, take a look a this original use of fennel.  A fennel savory tart, not to be missed.  Braised fennel, leeks, Nubian goat cheese, Stone Barns eggs, cream, and Garam Masala (an incredible traditional Indian spice I just learned about) all baked onto a pepper crust.

All of Randall's products are local organic and freshly baked.  We highly recommend giving these a try whether its the strawberry rhubarb pies, blueberry gallettes or the wide variety of other baked goods, Randall is always at the Stone Barns Farmer's market on weekends during the spring, summer and fall starting at 1pm.  You can go to her website to find some local shops selling Red Barn products or order directly at redbarn-bakery.  This is not your typical bakery, if you like fresh baked goods made from some of the best ingredients you can find here in the Northeast, please do yourself a favor and do not miss this opportunity.



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